My Great Day

Alhamdulillah AllahuAkbar..this is my greatest day i ever had..

Mom, i got this job…Do you remember? You’ve told me, that i’ve to be a nurse and work at hospital. But i’m not a nurse, maybe my choices make you dissapointed. But now, i give “this” to you…

Dad, i am very thankyou for All…

My Sister, keep movin sista…Get your master degree and have a good work…

My Broda, when we make a family company? 😀
I Just Wanna Say Thank You to my friend, Bang Adi, thank for the info of this job 🙂

I just wanna say “IS MY GREAT DAY….” ALLAHU AKBAR…..


7 thoughts on “My Great Day”

  1. @yang mbaurekso liv3 :

    hehe makasih wa..hooh ki…hampir2 webku tak terurus lagiii. Moga2 ada speedy yang nyangkol ke giwangan 😀

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