Portable Software

Ni beberapa portable software yang aku punya, yang paling sering dipakai sih yang FLV portable. Yah secara kalo donlod ntu dari youtube, gak perlu di convert…

Tinggal buka tu FLV portable-nya trus videonya tinggal di drag ke window flv player-nya.

Download FLV Player
Download Reg Seeker
Download Advanced IP Scanner
Download Portable Unlocker


WinSysClean 2008 v8.0

Scan, Clean & Repair Your Windows Registry in a Single Step! WinSysClean
is the most effective registry cleaner, there is no other registry
cleaning tool which is easier to use or more effective than WinSysClean
with just a single mouse click. WinSysClean is a fully automated Windows
System Cleaner. All other windows cleaners puts all the responsibility
on you! Are you tired of complex questions asked by registry cleaners ?,
Well… try WinSysClean, it scans/cleans/fixes/optimizes your computer
with a single mouse click ! WinSysClean now comes with Ultmate Download
Manager, an integrated Internet Explorer Download Manager.

— WinSysClean is safe, it uses complex analysis to skip important data
from removal. Other tools are dumb, they ask you what to delete and what
not, which takes you time and sometimes they make your demolish your
Windows. WinSysClean is different from any other System Cleaning Tool,
it uses advanced registry and file analysis in order to detect invalid
entries, so you don’t need to make critical decisions to confirm which
entries/files to be removed, because WinSysClean does this for you
safely. You can also view a complete log of the operations executed by
WinSysClean, after a cleaning process.

— WinSysClean automatically optimizes your Windows System by optionally
removing temporary/unused space wasting files, unused and invalid
registry locations, invalid shortcut links, and many more, works with
Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista. Uses the most
complex registry analysis algorithm in order to repair the Windows
Registry. This version includes 45 cleaning & repairing operations.

By running WinSysClean, you will get more disk space and Windows will
run faster after a clean operation.
The error files that WinSysClean searches for and deletes can produce
very hazardous results if not properly cleaned from your drive on a
periodical basis.
All this tasks are done by Professionals periodically by hand, now you
can do it with just a single button click !, without being affair of
damaging something !

Download: 9.89 MB


Portable AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Pro 3.65

AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser protects your privacy by cleaning up all
the tracks of your Internet and computer activities. The tool is
integrated with IE and it can erase the browser cache, history, cookies,
typed URLs, autocomplete list and so on in one click. You can also set
the tool to automatically erase those tracks when you quit IE or quit

The tool is also featured to erase the disk free space and has the open
plugin support. With the plugin support, AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser
now supports to erase the tracks left by any applications. We currently
offer more than 30 plugins which supports the most popular programs such
as MS Office, WinZip, UltraEdit, RealPlayer, Media Player…

Remove the tracks of your activities completely
Remove IE visit history
Remove IE cookies
Remove IE cache files
Remove the typed URLs in IE
Remove the form AutoComplete list in IE
Remove the saved user name and password by IE – Unique feature, not
available in other tools
Remove the index.dat used by IE
Remove the Windows start menu — run drop list
Remove the files in Windows temp folder
Remove the Windows recent documents list
Remove the files in Window recycle bin
Remove my network places (network neighborhood) cache
Remove the favorite items
Remove Windows explorer find files list
Remove Windows explorer find computer list
Remove Windows paging file (swap file) – NEW
Remove the left information in free disk space on your hard disk – NEW
Remove the tracks left by other applications with the plugin support


Download: 1.56 MB